Fits 2018-2021 base 120 horsepower models!


Evo has developed a 172hp upgrade kit to bring your base 120hp turbo Maverick X3 up to 172hp just like the big boys! 


All that's needed is an intercooler with fan, charge tubes and clamps, and an ECU tune! Select from, black, blue red, or grey charge tubes. Tunes Stage 1 and above receive the 2018+ Turbo R fuel pump assembly. "RWi" tunes include a new wastegate actuator and fuel injectors. Selecting the Maptuner option will provide you with either the single 172 horsepower tune, Stages 1-3R, or 3RWi-X85 (including multi map) depending on which tune you select!


Below are the available tuning options:




172 horsepower tune (factory fuel pump)


Stage 1 - 190 horsepower - 91 octane

Stage 2R - 196 horsepower - 91 octane

Stage 3R - 200 horsepower - 91 octane

Stage 3R-93 - 205 horsepower - 93 octane


BIG FUEL INJECTOR TUNES (includes fuel injectors and wastegate actuator):

Stage 3RWi - 205 horsepower - 93 octane

Stage 4RWi - 215 horsepower - 95 octane

Stage 4RWi-X100 - 225 horsepower - 100 octane

Stage 4RWi-MM - 200/215 horsepower - 91/95 octane

Stage 5RWi-X85 - 235 horsepower - E85


Mail-In tuning requires you remove the ECM from your vehicle and send it to us for tuning (address provided after order is placed). 


The Maptuner is a handheld device that allows you to upload the tune yourself. Selecting the Maptuner option with any of the stock injector tunes (besides 172 horsepower tune) will get you ALL shown stock injector tunes.  Selecting the Maptuner option and ANY of the big injector tunes will provide you with ALL shown big injector tunes!


EVP CodeShooter - CodeShooter is the most innovative app-based ECU tuning device for powersports vehicles. The most intuitive and easy-to-use wireless flashing tool on the market, you now have the power to flash your vehicle’s ECU, read and reset trouble codes, as well as monitor live critical engine data all from your smartphone!


Clutching upgrades HIGHLY recommended! Check out our listings for Evo clutch kits to get a matched setup for your power level!


Available charge tube Colors: Black, Red, Blue, orange, green (default is black)


Contact us at with questions.

X3 Turbo Base Upgrade to 172HP+