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5-point harnesses are literally the FIRST thing you should install on ANY side by side that comes with automotive style belts.


These Simpson belts are available in all sorts of styles. Padded or un-padded, and SFI and non-SFI approved. Just doing some heavy trail riding? 3" padded non-SFI is what you want.

Thinking about racing? 3" un-padded SFI 16.1 approved is what you NEED.


Everyone has their own opinion on padded vs un-padded and 2" vs 3" widths. We've tried all and really don't have a great conclusion because it's personal preference. We prefer 3" padded.


These belts have black powder coated hardware because that's how we like it.


OVERRIDE CLIP - We now offer a simple bypass override clip for Polaris/Can-Am models that gets rid of the speed limiter once you install harnesses. This clip connects to the factory seat belt plug and allows an easy solution to the vehicle being speed limited after a harness install! Save time by not having to do any cutting or wiring! ONLY (1) NEEDED PER MACHINE. IF YOU ONLY NEED (1) CLIP PLEASE ADD (1) HARNESS WITH OVERRIDE CLIP AND (1) WITHOUT. DOES NOT FIT OTHER MAKES BESIDES CAN-AM/POLARIS.


NOTE -  Harnesses are universal in fitment; you may need to provide your own grade 8 hardware if your factory hardware does not work. 


Red/blue harnesses take ~1 week to ship

Simpson Latch & Link 3" 5-Point Harness