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Newly tested and approved on our RZR Turbo S, Evolutions tunes are second to none with with reliability, safety, and power. 


There are a few ways to tune. Either send us your ECU or buy a Maptuner. When purchasing a Maptuner through us we enable DTC reading and clearing, datalogging, and system monitoring for free! Others charge $125 for these add ons.


With the Maptuner we include Stages 1 and 2 tuning for 91 octane and we can include a Stage 3 STRICTLY for 93 octane at an additional cost. You can also flash back to stock at any time with this unit and clear the ECU history.


Maptuner will include Stages 1-3R. For mail-in tunes, please note which Stage you want. 


Please select options below and email us at SXSBlog.com@gmail.com with ANY questions!


Check out our install and review video here: https://youtu.be/pY-jJ3j11O0

RZR Turbo Evolution Powersports Tuning

Mail In ECM or Maptuner?
Tuning Stage

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