*Clutch kit not available for 21+ RZR Turbo/Turbo S*


The EVP RZR XP Turbo Clutch Kit is designed and calibrated in conjunction with QSC and have arrived at a custom clutch weight and spring profile which provides great up shift and acceleration while maintaining back shift and belt life. We have calibrations available for just about every riding type and tire size.  All clutch kits are designed to work with both the OEM and EVP Badass belts.  Get the most out of your machine whether stock or tuned with an EVP/QSC RZR XP Turbo Clutch Kit!


OPTIONAL HELIX FOR 2020 PRO XP (DOES NOT FIT 2021+) - With the 36-42 helix, you will gain more out of your driven clutch and have a quicker backshift compared to the OEM helix while raising your rpms and top speed.

RZR Clutch Kit (Turbo, Non-Turbo, Pro XP)