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Evo has released tuning for the new 2020 RZR Pro XP! The 181 horsepower these come with jump up big time with basic modifications! Horsepower gains are as follows:


Stage 1 (stock exhaust) - ~198 horsepower (~17 horsepower gain)

Stage 2 (slip on exhaust)  - ~204 horsepower (~23 horsepower gain) 

Stage 3 (slip on exhaust, 93 octane, wastegate actuator adjustment) - ~218 horsepower (37 horsepower gain)


Mail-in tune option - $489 - after purchase we send you an address to ship the ECM to and it's headed back your way in 1-2 business days!


Maptuner option - $925 - You get Stages 1-3R on a device that allows you to upload the tune yourself PLUS diagnostic features, code clearing ability, AND MORE!


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RZR Pro XP Evo Tuning

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