Evo has released tuning for the new 2020 RZR Pro XP! The factory 181 horsepower jumps up big time with basic modifications!


Mail-In tuning requires you remove the ECM from your vehicle and send it to us for tuning (address provided after order is placed). 


The Maptuner is a handheld device that allows you to upload the tune yourself.




Stage 1 - 91 Octane 199 horsepower

Stage 2 - 91 Octane - 204 horsepower

Stage 3R - 93 Octane - 217 horsepower


BIG FUEL INJECTOR TUNES (Inlcude 1300cc fuel injectors, fuel pump, and wastegate actuator):


Stage 2RWI - 91 Octane - 214 horsepower

Stage 3RWI - 93 Octane - 233 horsepower

Stage 4x-110 - 110 Octane - 254 horsepower

Stage 5 X85 - E85 - 264 horsepower


NOTE:  For big injector tunes, the following are *REQUIRED TO OPERATE CORRECTLY* Silicone Charge Tube, V-Flow Airbox Reinforced Silicone Intake Tube (Bed to Airbox), V-Flow Silicone Intake Tube (Airbox to Turbo), and EVP XPT Vent to Atmosphere BOV (available here: https://www.sxsblogparts.com/product-page/evolution-powersports-rzr-bov-kit)



Launch Control feature and matched clutch kits available for MAX performance!

RZR Pro XP Tuning