***X3 MOUNTS - Please indicate if you have the standard X3 gauge cluster or the 2020 RR style cluster! Default is standard!


This is it folks. The deal to end all deals. This will NEVER be priced this low again, ever.


A Razorback 3.1 DIMMABLE infrared belt temp gauge AND an Evolution Powersports BADASS WORLD'S BEST BELT, starting at $439.95 shipped FOR BOTH!


Here's the breakdown for BELT AND RAZORBACK GAUGE COMBO price



XP 1000, 1000S, General, 900 Ace, RZR 900: $439.95 SHIPPED

XP Turbo, Turbo S, RS1: $439.95 SHIPPED

Pro XP, 2021+ RZR Turbo/Turbo S: $459.95 SHIPPED



OG Maverick/OG Maverick Turbo: $439.95 SHIPPED 

Maverick X3 (all variants): $459.95 SHIPPED 


Need a X3 mount?

+$15 for X3 dash mount (pictured, black not gold)


Need a custom gauge color? 

+$10 for red, blue, black, or orange


*Gauge cup not included*


Razorback Dimmable BELT Temperature Gauge + World's Best Belt Package