***X3 MOUNTS - Please indicate if you have the standard X3 gauge cluster or the 2020 RR style cluster! Default is standard!


2021+ RZR Turbo/Turbo S MUST select PRO XP as machine type


This is it folks. The deal to end all deals. This will NEVER be priced this low again, ever.


A Razorback 3.1 DIMMABLE infrared belt temp gauge AND an Evolution Powersports BADASS WORLD'S BEST BELT, starting at $439.95 shipped FOR BOTH!


Here's the breakdown for BELT AND RAZORBACK GAUGE COMBO price



XP 1000, 1000S, General, 900 Ace, RZR 900: $439.95 SHIPPED

XP Turbo, Turbo S, RS1: $439.95 SHIPPED

Pro XP, 2021+ RZR Turbo/Turbo S: $459.95 SHIPPED



OG Maverick/OG Maverick Turbo: $439.95 SHIPPED 

Maverick X3 (all variants): $459.95 SHIPPED 


Need a X3 mount?

+$15 for X3 dash mount (pictured, black not gold)


Need a custom gauge color? 

+$10 for red, blue, black, or orange


*Gauge cup not included*


Razorback Dimmable BELT Temperature Gauge + World's Best Belt Package