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*Gauge mounts are for X3 ONLY!


**If ordering an X3 gauge mount please specify in notes if you'd like a right or left mount! Default will be right!


***X3 MOUNTS - Please indicate if you have the standard X3 gauge cluster or the 2020 RR style cluster! Default is standard!


The Razorback belt temp gauge is BAR NONE the first accessory every high performance CVT driven side by side NEEDS!


This gauge allows for real-time monitoring of belt surface temperature, and features multicolor LED temperature alerts. On the anti-glare LCD screen you'll be able to easily monitor current, average, and high belt temperatures.


Razorback 3.0 Belt Temp Gauge

SKU: 0000001
Sensor harness length
Temp scale
Bezel color
X3 dash mount included?