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Go big or go home! This big turbo kit is all you need to push far and beyond 200 WHEEL horsepower on your Polaris RZR Turbo! 


Evo says:

RZR XP Turbo Stage 6 “Sandblaster” Big Turbo Upgrade V2.0:

NEW V2.0 – We have completely revamped our turbo upgrade for the XP Turbo and Turbo S!  New features:

  • Unlike other companies, there is no downtime with our turbo upgrade!  We send you a brand new turbocharger with larger, billet wheel, custom compressor cover and higher flowing turbine wheel! 
  • Revised turbine for more flow with less backpressure
  • Revised tuning for better driveability
  • More power – up to 209 WHP on E85! See updated dyno charts
  • More fuel choices – everything from 91, 93, 110 and E85!
  • With our Maptuner X Programmer/Datalogger, tunes can be switched between quickly – just change fuel and load a new program!
  • Now includes EVP Charge Tube, BOV kit and VFlow Intake kit!

Polaris RZR Stage 6 BIG TURBO Kit

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