The Polaris RZR RS1 is not only one of the funnest machines available on the market but its one of the most mod-able too!


The RS1 shares the engine with the RZR XP1000 and it can greatly benefit from Evos tunes!


Stage 1: 91 octane, all stock, ~4 WHEEL hp gain

Stage 2: 91 octane, exhaust, ~6 WHEEL hp gain

Stage 3: 93 octane ONLY, exhaust/intake, estimated 10hp wheel gain!


Select Maptuner option to receive all tunes!


Details of this tuning include:

  • Rev Limiters raised
  • 100% Throttle
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved)
  • Improved ignition timing advance optimized for 91 Octane for maximum power
  • Fueling adjusted for aftermarket components (intakes, exhausts and cat deletes) for optimal Air/Fuel Ratios
  • No need to run a “piggyback” fuel controller with our reflash for most bolt on mods (You are responsibe to make sure your mods are compatible with our programming – All EVO and most other aftermarket companies’ exhausts are compatible with our programming as well as all EVO intakes)
  • Engine Speed TQ Limiters removed (“Shaft Saver delete”)
  • Vmax Delete (Speed Limiter Removed)

Polaris RZR RS1 Tuning