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NEWLY ADDED BELT COMBO DEAL! Weights and a Evo BADASS belt for $459 shipped!


The EVP/QSC X3 clutch kits consist of heavily arced, but lighter cam arms than the OEM.  The arc curvature provides a faster upshift, and the lighter overall weight allows for higher operating RPM with great back shift.  We have also designed the weight packages to work with the OEM primary spring and secondary spring/helix combination so the installation would be easy for the consumer.  The Stages 1-5RWi arms  are gold zinc plated to aid in identification when installed.  Shouldered bushings are included and pre-installed onto the arms.  Our shouldered bushings do not require the use of the oem washers which makes installation of the EVP/QSC weights very simple. Packages are available for Stages 1-5RWi (175-220 HP). The 4 arm kits can be setup for anything from trail to dune riding and accommodate a wide range of tire sizes.  A 175-195 HP stock injector tuned X3 requires 4 cam arms for dune riding, 3 cam arms for trail/drag racing.  195-220 HP big injector tunes will typically require 3 cam arms for dune riding and 2 for trail/drag racing.


Check out our install video here: https://youtu.be/KeTvNz6Uqkg

Maverick X3 Stage 1-5R Clutch Weights

Add Evo belt?