The Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit is one of the best modfications you can do to improve the ride quality and handling characteristics of your Maverick X3. The spring package is tailored to your individual machine and riding style to provide you the best performance for the conditions you operate the machine in. We have installed these on multiple units and they're nothing short of AMAZING! GET THE RIDE QUALITY YOUR MACHINE SHOULD HAVE CAME WITH FROM THE FACTORY!


Being that these spring kits are set up SPECIFICALLY for your machine, we need very detailed information about it.




- Year/model of machine - VERY SPECIFIC (Ex: 2019 XRS 2 seat)!

- Driver/passenger weights

- Rear passenger weight (if applicable)

- ANY AND EVERY MODIFICATION ON THE MACHINE - roof, doors, windshield, coolers, bumpers, tool kits, winches, bed delete, seats, suspension changes, etc, along with their location (for spare tires/storage/etc)

- Riding Style (aggressive, cruiser, etc)

- Primary Terrain 

- Do you jump?


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Maverick X3 Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit - 64” + XMR 72"


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