Looking for the ultimate way to add a boost, air/fuel ratio, or belt temperature gauge to your Maverick X3? Looking to add all 3?


Evolution Powersports has come up with the CLEANEST solution!


The Evo Dash Cluster Reflash (DCR) allows your FACTORY gauge cluster to display boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, and belt temperature! This is done using priopriety software to integrate readings from various modules into what the cluster is able to display. This does NOT impact the ability for your gauge cluster to display the digital RPM/speed!


This supports model year 17-19 Turbo clusters and the 2020 RR clusters!




Boost pressure - value obtained from vehicles MAP sensors. Works with FACTORY MAP sensors (stock turbo) or EVO 4 bar setup (Dynomite/Desert Storm turbo systems). WIll NOT work with 3 bar setup (gauge will max out at 22.x PSI). You DO NOT need an Evo tune for this to work! This feature will be present automatically if selecting AFR or belt temperature - $249


Air/fuel ratio - Utilizes external AFR module and included wideband O2 sensor. Bung will need to be welded into exhaust for included wideband O2 sensor. Boost pressure reading also included. $495 (+ $20 for port replicator if you do not have)


Belt Temperature - Utilizes external infrared temperature sensor and module from Razorback Technology. Sensor will need to be installed in clutch housing. Boost pressure reading also included. $495 (+ $20 for port replicator if you do not have)


ADD ALL 3 FOR $725! (+ $20 for port replicator if you do not have)


The available port replicator is REQUIRED if you do not have one (unless only selecting boost pressure). It connects to your factory diagnostic cable and turns 1 port into 3 ports! The respective AFR/belt modules connect into this harness.


Once your order is complete, we send you the address to mail your gauge cluster to for reprogramming. In a few days, it's on it's way back to you with any of the required modules and harnesses!


We installed this in Ricks big turbo X3 and it's AWESOME!


Maverick X3 Evo Dash Reflash (Boost, AFR, Belt Temp display!)