310 horsepower not enough? You're in the right place. The same turbo we run on Beast Mode X3 can now be yours.


The Evolution Powersports Desert Storm Turbo system is for the X3 owner seeking giant horsepower gains while still maintaining factory reliability. Due to the size of this turbocharger, there is slightly more lag compared to a stock frame turbo. We recommend this setup for duners and drag racers. When the turbo lights, hang on. 


The Desert Storm system is available in three configurations: 280 horsepower (when utilizing 100 octane fuel; also includes tunes for 91 and 95), 320 horsepower (utilizing 110 or E85; also includes tunes for 91, 95, and 100), 355 horsepower (E85/110 + 91 tuning available) and 360 horsepower (when utilizing 100 or E85; also includes tuning for 91. CONNECTING RODS/PISTONS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).


The 355-SCR (stock camshaft race) package is the ultimate bang for the buck. Unlike the 360-R kit, it does not require cams or a rising rate fuel system.  


If this isn't enough, a package capable of 420 horsepower is available.


Everything is included for installation on a completely stock Turbo R machine minus clutching (matched Shift Tek/STM package available) and a FULL exhaust (required).


If your X3 already has any modifications or you have ANY questions please email us - SXSBlogParts@gmail.com

Maverick X3 DESERT STORM Big Turbo Kit