The Maverick X3 Vent to Atmosphere Blow Off Valve (BOV) kit is now complete. High performance turbo systems require a BOV when running higher than stock boost pressures. The reason is turbochargers continue to force air into the charge tubes and intercooler even after you lift off the pedal (which closes the throttle). Pumping air against a closed throttle super heats the air in the charge tubes and is damaging to the turbocharger bearing system. Installing a BOV allows this pressure to be released upon the closing of the throttle which increases throttle response in on/off/on throttle conditions by venting the the hot compressed air.

The EVP Reinforced Silicone Charge Tubes for the Maverick X3 are in stock and ready for big boost! Our direct replacement boost hoses have been burst tested to over 100 psi and come with high strength T Bolt Clamps for the throttle body and both sides of the intercooler (the turbocharger clamp stays OEM) The tubes have a BOV port and an extra port for a boost gauge. Not only are our charge tubes super strong and burst proof, but they add a bit of bling as well!


Available Colors for Turbo R: Black, Platinum Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue


Available Colors for Turbo RR: Black, Manta Green, Platinum Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow




Maverick X3 BOV / Charge Tubes