Maverick X3 BILLET Torrent Intake Manifold!! | SXSBlog Parts

**OUT OF STOCK UNTIL ~ 3/9/2020


You've seen us test this for a few months on Project Beast Mode X3 and we're in love!!

The new EVP Torrent Billet Intake Plenum was designed for stock turbo and big turbo applications to solve performance limitations and strength issues while providing a more balanced flow to each cylinder. The OEM plenum frequently fails at modest boost pressures. In addition, the OEM plenum is highly restrictive which can limit the power potential of your X3. Constructed of 7075 aluminum and tested to 70 psi of boost, the Torrent series billet plenum will stand up to virtually any abuse.

Maverick X3 BILLET Torrent Intake Manifold!!


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