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NOTATE TUBE COLOR (Black, red, blue, orange). DEFAULT WILL BE BLACK.


Do you like power? Do you like adrenaline? Do you like blowoff valves? Do you have a RZR Turbo?

If you've answered yes to ANY of these questions then THIS Evolution Powersports silicone charge tube and blow off valve kit IS FOR YOU!

We installed these products on Sous's "Project 168" and absolutely LOVED the performance gains!

Evo offers this kit in stages, so you can just add the silicone V-flow intake boot, silicone charge tube, or BOV / bypass valve on your stock setup. Or add all 3 for the POWER TRIFECTA!

Silicone tubes are available in red, black, blue, or yellow.

Pricing is as follows:
V-flow intake boot only: $168.99
Silicone turbo charge tube only: $178.99
bypass "diverter" valve only: $188.99
Blow off valve with filter only: $208.99

V-flow intake boot, silicone charge tube, and bypass valve: $508.99
V-flow intake boot, silicone charge tube, and blow off valve: $524.99

And as always, FREE SHIPPING!

Evo RZR Turbo BOV/Charge Tube/V-Flow Intake