You've seen it on Project CF1 and Project 268, now you can get your own for your RZR Turbo/ Turbo S (NOT FOR PRO XP!)


The Polaris XPT “Dynomite” turbo kit is a complete power upgrade for your Polaris XP Turbo which features the EVP “Dynomite” turbocharger.  This kit is designed to safely maximize the power output of a stock XP Turbo engine. For maximum flexibility, we tuned the kit on 91 Octane, 110 Octane and E85. Switching between tunes does not require ANY hardware changes or wastegate adjustments.  Changing tunes is simply siphon the old fuel out, put the desired fuel in the tank and reprogram the ECU with our handheld flash tool to match the fuel selection.



  • EVP Dynomite Turbocharger featuring a cast exhaust header, high flow compressor and Wastegate
  • Factory ECU tuned – 25 lbs of boost on 110 octane and E85
  • EVP Fuel pump upgrade kit
  • EVP Silicone turbo to intercooler upper charge tube with clamps
  • EVP Silicone turbo to throttle body charge tube with clamps
  • Genuine Bosch direct replacement injector set
  • EVP V-flow intake
  • EVP billet vent to atmosphere bov kit
  • EVP Head Stud kit
  • Maptuner X ECU Flash device with live datalogging, monitoring and read/reset codes.  Includes 91, 110 and E85 tunes
  • 260 HP with 110 octane fuel and 270 HP E85

Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR DYNOMITE BIG TURBO Kit

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